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“Wisła” (Vistula) Action was conducted in 1947 to relocate south-eastern Poland’s Ukrainian, Boyko and Lemko population. Over 140,000 people mostly of Ukrainian nationality residing in south-eastern Poland at that time were resettled into places in western and northern Poland (Recovered Territories). 1947 –Ethnic cleansing of Ukrainians, through Operation Visla, is organized in Ukrainian lands that become part of communist Poland after WWII


                           Eyewitness account


            Ямна – Знищене Село Jamna – The Destroyed Village


Ukrainian Churches in Poland after 1947 Operation Vistula


70th Anniversary since Operation "Vistula" relocation of 500,000 Ukrainians

70th Anniversary of Ukrainian deportation from Poland "Operation Vistula"

Ghosts of Operation Vistula

Lemko Ukrainians in Ukraine, Polish History

Action “Wisla” – the last act of Ukrainian-Polish tragedy. Part Four

In memory of Victims of action "Vistula"

Операція “Вісла”. Зірвані з кореня: кордони, що перекреслили людські долі


The Last Journey Home - Dedicated to the victims of Operation Wisla 


The lessons of the Vistula Operations - Euromaidan Press


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                           Operation Vistula – 1947

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Jamna - The Destroyed Village

                           Destruction of Villages by Polish Army

                           Oslawica – the front line between the Germans and the Russians


                           Akcja   Wisla 1947 r. Part 1.m2p

                           Akcja Wisla 1947 r. Part 2.m2p

                           Akcja   Wisla 1947 r. Part 3.m2p

                           Akcja   Wisla 1947 r. Part 4.m2p

                           Akcja   Wisla 1947 r. Part 5.m2p

                           Фільм про УПА ”Залiзна сотня”повна версія

                           Akcja Wisła – Fighting against Ukrainian UPA – Polish

Mass deportation of Ukrainians from Poland

OUN and Stefan Bandera are not fascist

I dedicate this page to:

My wife’s mother’s family whose village was totally destroyed by the Polish Army in the Operation Vistula.  During this horrific event many Villagers were, in the main, deported right across Poland, to Siberia and others were sent into Polish occupied lands of Ternopol and Ivano-Frankovsk . These are the areas we recently found  my mother-in-laws relatives.

There were many Ukrainian families who have lost loved ones during this period and were assimilated into Polish and Russian communities.

Upon our visiting the site of my mother-in-laws destroyed village, I was emotionally moved by this and set up a website in memory of the people who once lived there. The most moving and emotional aspect was that there were two cemeteries, sacred sites, which had been in existence for some 500 years were totally desecrated.


Deportation of Ukrainians from their villages,

on the border of Poland and Ukraine

into the depths of Poland where we have found many

relativeswho have been assimilated in to Polish Community.