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Holodomor Memorial Kyiv


Danylo Halytsky


Symon Petliura


Andry Melnyk


Stepan Bandera

Cardinal Йосип Сліпий

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Archaeology Sites in Ukraine

Discovery of the Ancient Aratta Civilization of Ukraine, Older than Sumeria 

Where Are Our Heroes Buried

Ukrainian Losses according to Gorbachev - 30 million people

A History of Ukraine, The land and its People - Book

History of Rusov - Internet Encyclopaedia of Ukraine

Ukrainian History General Topics

Galicia 19th Century

1879 - 1926 Symon Petliura

Vladimir IIyich Ulyanov (alias Lenin)

Gulag Forced Labour Camps

Lemko Research Foundation Publications

History of South and East Ukraine

How Moscow hijacked the history Kyivan Rus'

History of Ukraine-Rus' (Book)

Ukrainian History

Ukrainian History - InfoUkes

History of Ukraine on Twitter

Ukrainian Heroes by Victor Yushchenko 

Ukrainian ancient settlements amongst the largest cities of the world

History of Ukraine-Rus Volume 3 - Translation - Book

Hetmans of Ukrainian Cossacks

Імена перших князів Київської Русі (етимологія)


Ukraine Today 1992 - Perspective for the Future - Conference

Ukrainian Diaspora in Australia - 65 years (2013)

Chronological History - Ukrainians in Australia


History of Ukraine - Toronto Ukrainian Genealogy Group

Period Prior to Kyivan State

879 - 1360 Period of Statehood

1360 - 1599 Period of Lithuanian & Polish Rule

1599 - 1712 Cossack Period

1712 - 1783 Decline of Ukrainian Statehood

1783 - 1913 Ukrainian Renaisance

1914 - Onwards Ukraine

Ukraine or "The Ukraine"

Ukraine - Back in its History - 1+1 Ukrainian TV

Kuban Cossacks are Ukrainian

Історія Українського козацтва

History of UNO. Vladimir Vyatrovych


954 - 1015

Prince Vladimir of Kyiv Svyatoslavich

1189 - 1213

In 12th century the land is first mentioned as Ukraine. Russia did not exist

1201 - 1264

Danylo Halytsky – the King of Rus (1201 - 1264)

1239 - 1800

History of Baturyn, Chernihiv Oblast

1605 - 1618 Polish-Muscovite War

On 4th November each year since 2005 Russia celebrates this uprising by holding "Russia's Unity Day" Public Holiday in its commemoration.

1639 - 1709 Ivan Mazepa

Biography of Ivan Mazepa

Ivan Mazepa

Ivan Mazepa - Ukrainian Encyclopaedia

Ivan Mazepa - Encyclopaedia Britannica

1891 - 1938 Evhen Konovalets

Founder of the Revolutionary Liberation Movement

1909 - 1959 Stepan Bandera


1915 Sich Riflemen defeated the Russian at Mount Makivka

Sich Riflemen defeated Russians at Mt. Makivka

Sich Riflemen defeated Russians at Mt. Makivka

 1914 - 1918

Breaking Russian myths about Ukraine - Infographics 1914 - 1918

Ukraine remembers 100 years of revolution

Ukrainian Army Seized Crimea in 1918

Ukrainian Army Seized Crimea in 1918

1919 - 1939

Срібна Земля. Хроніка Карпатської України

1917 - 1920

Colonel Eugene Konovalets - Sich Riflemen

1918 January Battle of Kruty


1918 - 1919 Polish Ukrainian War

Polish–Ukrainian War of 1918 and 1919 - Wikipedia

Polish occupation in Western Ukraine 1918 - 1939

1914 - 1920 Canadian Internment Camps

First World War "Enemy Alien" - Canada

Saskatchewan's Racist Past and Present

Canadian First World War Internment Camps

Post Card


Liberation of Crimea 


Map of Ukraine 1919

22 January 1919 Unification of Ukraine 

День Соборності України 22 .1.1919 


Poland crushes the Soviet Invasion of Europe 

1918 - 1922 Ukrainian People's Republic


Today a continuation of the Ukrainian Republic of 1918 - 1920


Mass Arrests of Ukrainian Intellectuals and National Conscious Youth


Population of Ukraine 1931 was 81 Million, 1937 Population only 77 million - where did 55 Million disappear


Polish Atrocities in Ukraine - Published 1931

1932 - 1933

1932 - 33 Holodomor - Genocide of the Ukrainian People


World War 1

Canadian First World War Internment

Ukraine during World War 1

Ukrainian Insurgent Army

1933 - 1945 Chronical of Events



Hitler planned to create an independent Ukraine

1939 - 1940 Finland's War against the USSR

Ukrainians came to aid of Finland against USSR - Euromaidan Press

The Soviet Story

Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN)



KGB Prison Museum Ternopil

Executed Renaissance - Unknown story writers from KGB  Declassified Files

Ukraine opens up its KGB Archives

The Man with the Poison Gun by Serhii Plokhy - Book

KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov Warns USA 1988 

1939 - 1945

Transportation of Ukrainians to forced labour camps to Germany

Poland and Halychyna (western Ukraine) September 1939 when Hitler and Stalin collaborated to invade Poland and split Poland and Western Ukraine


Zapoizhzhya Hydroelectric Dam Destruction by Stalin Killing 1000's

Fighting in Ukraine: A Photographer at War (Book)

Babi Yar 75: How will changing Ukraine Remember Infamous Nazi Atrocity?

Declaration of the Ukrainian State

1941 Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

Mass deportation by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR

1941, 29 September - Babi Yar

Babi Yar - the Interrogation Protocols


Images of Babi Yar

Babi Yar Massacre

Babi Yar, Ukraine - Jewish Holocaust Massacre

1943 Ukrainian-Polish War in Volyn

Volyn Tragedy: Reconciliation or Confrontation

Volyn Tragedy or Massacre - Part 1

Volyn Tragedy or Massacre - Part 2

Volyn Tragedy or Massacre - Part 3

Massacre of Poles in Volhynia and East Galicia

2016 Volyn Tragedy Position

Facts that do not fit in the Polish version of the Volyn tragedy

Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-Poland 2016

Ukrainian-Polish War - The Volyn - Witnesses Stories

1943 Koryukivka Chernihiv Region

Tragedy 1-2 March 1943 Koryukivka Chernihiv region,

1944 Crimea Deportation and Genocide of the Tatars

18 May - We are all Crimea Tatars

Soviet Authorities Deported Ethnic Tatar from Crimea

1945 - Yalta Conference (4 - 11 February 1945)

Fate of Vlascovites forcibly returned to the USSR

1944 - 1946 Ethnic Cleansing of Ukrainians

The View from Zakerzonia

Destroyed Village - Jamna

1947 Operation Vistula

Ethnic Cleansing of Ukrainians from Poland

1946 - 1947

Mass deportation of Ukrainians from Poland

Soviet Repatriation Mission and the British Commission for Verification of Refugees

World War 11 and Aftermath


"A Difficult Neighbourhood" - Russia and East-Central Europe since WW2


Ukrainian Helsinki Group - Founded 11 September 1976

Upholding Human Rights - Sentenced total 550 years in Soviet Camps

Chernobyl 26 April 1986


Donbas Maidan 1990

The Donbas protests you haven't heard of

Independence 1991

1990 Human Chain Kyiv - Lviv

Ukrainian Independence Referendum 1991

Declaration of Independence of Ukraine 24 August 1991

Orange Revolution

Orange Revolution 2004 - 2005 Wikipedia


Maidan Nezalezhnosti February 2014

Maidan Aftermath

Russian Aggression against Ukraine

Russian Military Intervention in Ukraine (2014 - present)

2014 - 2106 War East Ukraine

MH17 Malaysia Airline Disaster

Russian Lies

Anti-Russian Sentiment


Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation 2014

Russian Oppression in Occupied Crimea

Nadia Savchenko 2014 - 2016

Nadia Savchenko's Story