Parcels sent to Ukraine - both Private and Humanitarian

by the

Ukrainian Orphan Relief Foundation Inc. (Australia)


Next Parcel to Ukraine, container leaving Melbourne, Australia

There will be a minimum of two container shipments per year (See Facebook Events) for actual dated of departure:

  • February arriving in Ukraine close for Easter

  • October arriving in Ukraine close to Christmas

    Arrival date are subject to Shipping and Transport Companies delivery dates which at times are beyond our control


    Current Shipment scheduled to leave Melbourne, Australia Tuesday 21 February 2017

    This container will arrive in Ukraine during Easter 2017

Next Shipment

  • Melbourne   Parcels required before 14 October 2017.

  • Brisbane     Parcels required before 14 October 2017 for forwarding to Melbourne

  • Sydney       Parcels required before 14 October 2017 for forwarding to Melbourne

  • Perth          Parcels required before 14 October 2017 for forwarding to Melbourne

Contact Persons:

Melbourne Irena Krasulak  Mob: 0411 530 242
  Olga Kosiuk  Mob: 0420 762 967
Sydney Slava Horshovska  Mob: 0414 060 889  Tel: (02) 9727 0419
Brisbane Martha Hupalo  Mob: 0402 455 353
Perth Mykola Mowczan  Mob: 0412 228 056


Acceptable Items:

Clothing, Footwear, Electrical Goods, Gifts and Personal Items, Cookware (unbreakable), Non-Perishable Food e.g. Rice etc

Contraband Items (items will be confiscated)

Prescription Drugs, Mobile Telephones and Money.

Preferred Cardboard Box sizes - 600 x 440 x 420

Weight - Minimum 15 kg per box   &   Maximum 30 Kg per box

Private Pre-Paid Parcels

The Private Parcel Fee Rate (on application) per kg, with a minimum cost equivalent to 15 kg.

Shipment Costs

It should be remembered that shipping the Container costs are in the order of:

  +  Melbourne to Poland $5,000 US

  +  Poland to Ukraine $2,500 US

  +  Distribution within Ukraine $2,500 US

  +  Total $10,000 US.= $14,000 (Australian)

This equates to 2,500 kg of paid "Private Parcels" OR approximately 60 paid "Private Parcels".

The Humanitarian Aid parcels are paid for by cost of the "Private Parcels".

Donated Goods

All donated goods are distributed free of charge to the ATO, Hospitals, Under Privileged, Orphanages, Schools and other such charitable organisations in Ukraine. These parcels, are in the main, freight free.

However, it should be noted that the freight charges are quite high and as such it would be appreciated that a reasonable donation could be made when donating goods.

It would be appreciated that donors of such goods provide suitable boxes, as described in the advertisement, for their goods.

All profits gained from this operation are utilised in Ukraine for charitable purposes.

No remuneration or commission is paid to any person in the provision of this service whether in Australia or in Ukraine.





Everyone thinks it is a simple, easy and inexpensive operation just to send humanitarian aid parcels to Ukraine.

It is an eye opening experience to see the dedicated, tireless hard work and long thankless hours of collecting the goods, sorting, packing, labelling boxes and the mountains of customs paperwork that has to be completed. This is all before the parcels are transported and loaded into the container.

It takes approximately three months for the container to arrive in Poland before the shipment's customs clearances are made. Then it is transported by road and rail to its destinations across Ukraine.

This is a logistic nightmare, especially given that Irena Krasulak does this in her own spare part-time supported only by a couple of ladies in someone else's backyard garage. She has done this for the last 25 years and 4 times a year. The cost of each operation is in excess of $10,000.00.

We should take off our hats to Irene and her team of workers. Now, I see why she got the Humanitarian Award in Ukraine.

Irena and her team desperately need assistance both physical and financial to continue their work.

All profits, if any, are utilised for the benefit of the underprivileged in Ukraine.

Австралія має першу Жінку III Тисячоліття

Допомагайте своїм рідним через нашу Фундацію.

Уживайте наші послуги і Ви допоможете сиротам в Україні. 

Посилки з доставою до хати

Ірена Красуляк

Організаторка і Координаторка

Tel: 0411 530 242 


Irena Krasulak received in Ukraine a Humanitarian Award for her work with Orphans in Ukraine over the last 25 years.